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Koh Rong Village

Koh Rong Dive Center, Koh Rong Travel Center, and many other boats go straight to Koh Rong Village from SihanoukVille or Koh Rong Samloem (the island next door).

This is a group of 40 restaurants and bungalows and rooms on the beach and hillside, going up into the jungle.  It's about a 400 meter stretch, and it's growing.

There's a conservation charity, a bakery, and a few piers.  Also, a dive center has their operations based on the pier.

Koh Rong Village on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia.

Koh Rong Village is the "Happening" place on the island.  You can rent fishing or diving boats here, or a kayak.  A dozen places rent snorkeling gear.  You can just jump off the pier for a swim.

Koh Rong Village on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia.

A hundred meters from the village, starts the other 99% of Koh Rong Island, which is much quieter.  We're talking about an island the size of Hong Kong Island here, so it'll be a few more weeks before the airport, golf course, and 7-11 set up shop here.

Koh Rong Village on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia.

Rooms here cost from $3 for a dorm room, to $180 for a nice sized bungalow on the hillside, in the jungle, overlooking the bay.  Most rooms are from $12 to $45.

Koh Rong Village on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia.

Boats from the mainland (SihanoukVille) take 40 minutes, and most leave from the Serendipity Beach Pier.  Round trips generally cost $20+, and leave SihanoukVille almost every hour, starting from 8am until 3pm.  The trips from Koh Rong Island back to the mainland start at 8am until 4pm.

Places in Koh Rong Village:

Aka Guesthouse
Bunna's Place
Coco's Bungalows
Corner Bar
Island Boys
Island Palace Bungalows
Koh Lanta Guesthouse / Bakery
Koh Rong Backpackers
Koh Rong Conservation Center
Koh Rong Dive Center
La Mami
Mango Lounge
Nam Nam
The Rising Sun
TyTy Family

koh rong village map
Koh Rong Village Map




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